3D Imagery


Worldwide Collection

Our satellites can image any location on earth within hours - capturing thousands of square miles in a single pass.

Highest Resolution

With a resolution of 20 cm, our sensors deliver 10x more information than the next best alternative.

Lowest Cost

Our unique architecture is incredibly efficient - delivering imagery 50x cheaper than traditional systems.


Distributed Radar Imaging

We use a cluster of radar cubesats – working together in tandem – to collect images of the same location from multiple angles simultaneously. This diversity of perspective enables us to create high-resolution 3D imagery from a single pass. This approach is also extremely efficient and can collect large areas very rapidly.

Unmatched reliability


Our sensors can image in almost any environment: daytime or night, clear skies or cloudy. Our satellites can even collect data in challenging terrain, such as urban, mountainous, and heavily foliated areas. Our distributed architecture is also resistant to jamming signals and interference from external sources.

Gain early access

Pilot Program

We plan to work directly with future customers through our soon-to-be-launched pilot program. Our experimental, early-access program will put Array Labs data into the hands of end users, and give them the opportunity to collaborate on system requirements. Pilot partners will be the first to see the advantages of 3D imagery over conventional alternatives, like airborne LiDAR or optical photogrammetry.